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Dictate Punctuation and Symbols

You can dictate all the symbols on your keyboard. As a general rule, you can say "Press [name of key]" to press a key on your keyboard. For quotation marks, parentheses, braces and brackets you can say open/left and then close/right. For example: "Open Quote / Paren / Brace / Bracket" or "Close Quote / Paren / Brace / Bracket"

Types of Punctuation & Symbols







Question Mark


Exclamation Mark


Press Colon


Semi Colon


Hyphen; press hyphen; press dash; minus; dash symbol

new line

New Line, press enter


Press Tab


Backspace, press backspace


Press Delete


Press Space; add space; insert space


Press At; at sign; at symbol


Press Hash; press pound; hash tag; hash symbol


Press Dollar; dollar sign; dollar symbol


Press Percent; percent sign; percent symbol


Press Caret; to the power of; caret sign; caret symbol


Ampersand; And Symbol


Press Asterisk; press star; multiplied by; times


Underscore; press underscore


Plus; press plus; plus sign; plus symbol


Press Equals; equals sign; equals symbol


Open Quote; close quote


Apostrophe; open single quote; close single quote


Press Tilde; tilde symbol; tilde sign


Press Pipe; pipe symbol; pipe sign

em dash; press em dash

\ or /

Back Slash or Forward Slash; Divided By

( or )

Open/Left Paren or Close/Right Paren

[ or ]

Open Bracket or Close Bracket

{ or }

Open Brace or Close Brace

< or >

Open Angle Bracket; Less Symbol or Close Angle Bracket; Greater Symbol


Press Left / Right / Up / Down

Time-Saving Commands and Shortcuts

In addition to all the symbols, you can press special keyboard keys such as tab and escape as well as trigger keyboard shortcuts with VoiceTyper (shown below).

You can also spell out words by speaking one letter at a time and improve accuracy by using the phonetic alphabet. Learn how to spell out words

Time-Saving Commands

Make the first letter Uppercase or lowercase

Say "uppercase Bob" or "lowercase bob"


Press Caps Lock; enable caps lock; disable caps lock

Capitalize Every First Letter

Press Title Lock; enable title lock; disable title lock

Open voicetyper settings

Press Settings; press help; press learn

Open popular websites

Press Google; press VoiceTyper; press Amazon; press YouTube; Press UpToDate; and 100+ others.

Open office apps

Press Word; Press Excel; Press Outlook; Press PowerPoint

Press the less common keys

press end; press home; page up; page down; press tab; press escape

Spell out a word

Say each letter one at a time.

Commands for Keyboard Shortcuts

Most software supports a variety of useful keyboard shortcuts which you can trigger with VoiceTyper. Some have special keywords such as press copy, but press control c works as well.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl / Shift / Alt)

Delete the previous word (ctrl+backspace)

Press Control Backspace; control backspace

Delete the next word (ctrl+delete)

Press Control Delete; control delete

Move cursor over by one word (ctrl+left) or (ctrl+right)

Press Control Left; Press Control Right; control left; control right


Press Control Z; press undo; scratch that; undo that


Press Control Y; press redo; redo that


Press Control C; press copy


Press Control V; press paste

Select All

Press Control A; press select all


Press Control P; press print

Open a new browser tab

Press Control T

Press any keyboard shortcut

Press Alt A
Press Shift B
Press Control C
Press Control Shift D
Press Control Shift Alt E

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