Automate away repetitive tasks by triggering multiple actions using only your voice in VoiceTyper. You can open applications, enter text, and more.

Opening The Automation Window

Open up the Automation Tab of the Settings Window. The Settings Window is accessible by clicking on the gear icon


inside the dictation bar.

Creating Your First Automation

We will be creating an example automation which enters in a closing signature to be used in emails. Such as:

All the best,
James Smith
Vice Principal

Begin by clicking on the [+ New Automation] Button.

You should see the Automation Edit View appear:

On your left you type in one or more "Phrases" which will be the phrase you say to trigger the automation. Type in "Enter Signature" on the left. You can add multiple variants by clicking on [+ Add Phrase].

Next we will add the actual signature. Click on [+ Add Action]. This will present you with a few choices:

Click on the Enter Text option and then type (or voice-type!) your Email Signature of choice.

Click on Save. This will return you back to the Automation Edit View.

Click on Save one more time to save the entire Automation.

Using Your Automation

Whenever you are in dictation mode, you can say any one of the phrases you have chosen to activate the action(s) you created.

For example, after clicking on Start Dictation or activating VoiceTyper with the shortcut key, you can say "Enter Signature" and it will quickly insert your signature.

If you added multiple actions they will be happen one after another.

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