Get Started Talking instead of Typing on Your Computer

Voice Typing with VoiceTyper works on any Windows Computer

Installing VoiceTyper

Use VoiceTyper to convert spoken words into text at the same time as you speak in any application on your computer. Download VoiceTyper

Once you've installed VoiceTyper, which takes a matter of seconds, you will be prompted to Get Started. You then have the option of completing a quick tutorial. If you need assistance with these steps Get in Touch.


Starting Dictation

To start dictating, click with your mouse inside of a text field to place your cursor. Click Start Dictation. VoiceTyper will then display Listening... to indicate it is listening and typing anything you say at your cursor.

Begin Speaking. VoiceTyper uses the context of what you're saying to achieve maximum accuracy. To speak out punctuation, refer to our list of commands.

Once you take a short pause, VoiceTyper will type out everything you said.

Cursor placed inside of a text field. Click on Start Dictation to begin

Stopping Dictation

Once you've finished dictating, or would like to force VoiceTyper to type what you said instantly, click on Listening.../Stop Dictation.

VoiceTyper is listening and typing at the location of the cursor

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tilda key

Tip: By default, pressing on the tilde key [~] Starts and Stops Dictation. This key is located at the top left of your keyboard beside the 1 key. You can change this hotkey in the VoiceTyper Settings.


VoiceTyper Settings

To open up the VoiceTyper settings window, click on the gear icon on the right side of the blue dictation bar. The icon looks like this:

This will bring up the settings window which lets you configure VoiceTyper's microphone, hotkeys, language and more.

If you prefer to use the hotkey instead of clicking on Start/Stop Dictation and would like to hide the blue Start Dictation Bar, you can reduce the "Dictation Bar Size" down to 0% to hide it. To re-show the dictation bar, you can run VoiceTyper from the Windows Start menu, which opens the VoiceTyper Settings Window. From there you can unhide the dictation bar.

You can visit our website by clicking on Help in the settings window.

If you have lost the blue Start Dictation Bar, run VoiceTyper from the desktop shortcut.

Moving The Dictation Bar

To move the dictation bar, start by placing your mouse cursor above the right gray part of the dictation bar. This will change the mouse cursor to plus shaped.

Mouse pointer overtop of the dictation bar

By holding down your left mouse button you can drag the dictation bar around.

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