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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the VoiceTyper text results of my voice?

VoiceTyper works alongside any other application on your computer.

First open an application, such as Microsoft Word, then click on the location you want the text to appear.

Once you have positioned your text cursor, click on Start Dictation and begin speaking.

After a short pause, your results will appear as if you had typed them yourself.

The Tutorial Article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use VoiceTyper.

How do I hide the "Start Dictation" bar?

You can hide the dictation bar via the VoiceTyper settings window:

To open the Settings, click on the Gear Icon⚙ to the right of the Start Dictation Button.

Scroll down to the Dictation Bar Size setting and reduce the size down to 0%

Make sure you have a Keyboard Hotkey so you can Start or Stop dictation even while the bar is hidden. By default, the hotkey is the tilde key [~] which is on the top left of the keyboard.

You can always access the Settings by running VoiceTyper again or by saying Press Settings.

How do I type punctuation and commands with VoiceTyper?

Anything you can type with a keyboard you can also type with VoiceTyper:

You can say "period", "comma", "question mark", "exclamation mark", etc. to get the corresponding punctuation.

Many commands are supported, such as "press print", to print.

Full List of Commands and Punctuation

How do I uninstall VoiceTyper?

You can uninstall VoiceTyper by doing the following:

1) Search for add or remove programs in the Windows Start Menu search box
2) Scroll down to VoiceTyper under the list of apps
3) Click on ... next to VoiceTyper then click Uninstall

4) Refer to the official Microsoft support article for additional assistance if required:

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