Spelling Out Words

Spell out complex words, insert single letters and make letters either lowercase or uppercase by using intuitive language mid-speech.

Spelling Out A Word

You can spell out a word in VoiceTyper by saying each letter one a time. For example if you would like to spell out the word "oodles", say "o-o-d-l-e-s" one letter at a time.

Lowercase And Uppercase

You can say the word "lowercase" or "uppercase" before a letter to force it to be lowercase or uppercase, respectively. This can be used to counteract the default auto-capitalization.

Tip: Say lowercase or uppercase before a word to adjust the case of first letter. "uppercase Regards comma lowercase joe"

To type "Yes. no. maybe so.", say "uppercase yes period lowercase no period lowercase maybe so period"

Increasing Accuracy With Phonetics

Certain letters sound very similar to each other, such as b and p, c and z. To make sure your letter is recognized properly, you can use specific phonetic words. The Nato phonetic alphabet and other common ones are supported. The 9 most similar sounding letters and their phonetic words are:

a - Alpha or Adam
i - India or Ike
y - Young or Yankee
b - Bravo, Beta or Bob
p - Papa or Peter
c - Charlie or Carol
z - Zulu or Zachary
n - November or Nancy
m - Mike or Mary

You can say "press alpha" to type out a lowercase "a". If you would like to type out an uppercase "A" you can say "uppercase alpha". VoiceTyper also recognizes "lowercase alpha".

To have VoiceTyper recognize spelling more accurately, try taking a minor pause in between groups of two letters, but not too long as to get results. For example: "press o-o  d-l  e-s". This helps VoiceTyper understand you are spelling.

Combining It All Together

To type "Mom", say "uppercase Mike lowercase o lowercase mike", alternatively "uppercase mike press o press mike"

To type "NOPE!", say "press caps lock" and then "press n-o p-e"

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